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Monday, December 2, 2013

Companies Need to Assume Risk Mitigation for Marketing and SEO

A lot of companies that come to me are getting ripped off by shady outsourced SEO Companies. My customers come to me because of companies that don't know what they are doing. There are SEO people that don't know about any of the algorithm updates with Penguin, Panda or Hummingbird and put your social media, local and SEO ranking factors.

You can't get just anyone to do your SEO anymore and 2008 SEO doesn't work. It really has to be someone who knows what they are doing.

Doing it your self is not easy to do anymore. It takes extreme research and knowledge at a higher level of education. The barrier for entry for SEO has gone from 7th grade to at least a masters degree. That's the level of research it takes to be above the game or competitors. It isn't how clever you tweak meta tags, it takes a lot more.

There are good SEO companies out there. It's just harder to find. You have to take responsibility for your risk mitigation. It's like to going to a classy restaurant that the food just isn't good.

Get a knowledgeable SEO Company to do a full website analysis that knows what the latest guidelines are.

Google's Manual Action Penalty: Image Mismatch

There is a new Google manual action Penalty named "Image Mismatch"

What this new penalty from Google does is checks to see if the image on your web page matches what is shown in Google Image search results. It is a form of "Cloaking" but is not mentioned by Google as such, but it is. It is when "your site's images may be displaying differently on Google's search results pages. than they are when view on your site."

How to handle this if you receive a notification

1) Be sure that the images that your site displays are the same as what they are in Google's images results search engine. 2) Make sure that you've corrected the images and that they are exactly identical when they are viewed either on your site and in Google's results and then request reconsideration from Google to get it wiped out.

The reason Google is doing this is to give the best search results possible and this is just one more step towards a spam free web.

Use Knowem to Secure Your Social Username

Secure your brands username across social media websites.

No More 'Annoyances' on Youtube with Adblock Plus

The new Adblock Plus allows you to disable those annoying Youtube functions like the new commenting system, thumbnails and annotations.

If Google Hasn't Detected Spammy Links, Should I Disavow Them?

This is a post about Google's algo Penguin detecting un-natural or spammy links. Matt Cutts goes over what he recommends doing in this case.

How to Improve SEO Rankings with Google Plus

This is a great post on Google+ on how to improve your SEO rankings on Google Plus.

Everything About Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird

All about the new Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Google's new search algorithm sorts through all search queries and comes back with answers. The name is "Hummingbird" and what I can tell so far is below.

What is a search engine algorithm?

This is technical terminology for the way that Google can sort through billions of pages with other information to return the best possible answers based on those rules.

What is Hummingbird

Google says that it is a completely new algo written from scratch to return better search results to the searcher.

Is the "PageRank" algorithm dead?

It is not. From what I understand Google does look at PageRank but just not sure how much.

Conversational Search Algorithm

People are speaking searches with mobile technology that they are asking questions to get answers rather than typing in keywords and keyword phrases. Think of it as searching in a conversation.

Does Hummingbird Understand the Words

Yes and No. A new saying is "Things not Strings". Hummingbird is better at knowing what words mean and in what context they should be used.

Are Television Stations Using Web Trends for Programming?

With the recent and sudden death of 'Fast and Furious' actor Paul Walker caused quite a buzz on the internet and social media sites like Google+ and Facebook. I found out how television programming is made. They use web trends in their programming.

LBOTD: The Complex, Santa Monica Blvd.

LBOTD: The Complex

We select them for the great things that they are doing in the community

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

How Will Google's Newest Algorithm Hummingbird Affect Content

Google announced officially that the newest algorithm to affect your website since 2010 was released last month. Though it may just be a new overhaul for search results but it's all part of an evolution that Google is has been taking to combat web spam.

SEE RELATED: Panda and Penguin

If you've seen there recent commercials you'll notice that they want to be the leader as the source for quality content and information on the web. Google has been taking bold moves in using intelligence you don't even know you need and being an important part of your life.

So, what does this mean for content marketers? You need these 3 things below for the new age of search marketing.

Content that Satisfies User Intent

Probably the most important part of the future of marketing. Satisfying the users search is what Google is moving towards. It's very hard to spam user intent. That's why social signals are getting more and more used by Google over linking.

So, when a user searches a query Google looks at if the user clicks from the SERPS to your site and tracks if the user clicks back to the results and to another webpage for information. Google wants the user to be satisfied that they found the content and were satisfied. Google is stating the importance of user intent over keyword based interpretations.

Content Needs to Be Rich

Content needs to be rich and engage with the user keeping them on your site longer. Google needs to see that the user found the most relevant and best content for the user query. Although Google looks at good content as a main ranking factor but you also need a well-designed site as well. So create the richest content and update the design of your site to stand out from your competition.

Authorship Does Matter

With content being the focus of the latest Hummingbird update content ownership or authorship will become more and more important for authors of rich media. Giving credit to the author through Google Authorship is the main goal. The effects of authorship are just starting to be realized and with more to come make sure you setup Google Authorship as part of your marketing campaigns for your company. So the it is clear that Google Plus will be a big part of website marketing in the future.

Photo Credit: NY Times

The Tears of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer As He Bids Farewell

Microsoft company CEO Steve Ballmer is stepping down after 33 years of fans and critics for his onstage antics. Ballmer isn't due to leave Microsoft for several months bid his farewell to employees that was captured in a video reveals passion and love he has for the company. In a statement along with the news of his retirement, Ballmer stated, "There is never a perfect time for this type of transition, but now is the right time … My original thoughts on timing would have had my retirement happen in the middle of our company's transformation to a devices and services company. We need a CEO who will be here longer term for this new direction." What do you think of Ballmer's stepping down? Chime in by adding comments, below.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

How to Enable the Tabbed Gmail Inbox

See How to Turn on the Tabbed Feature in Gmail

A step-by-step on how to turn on the new Gmail feature for a "Tabbed Inbox" to separate your email by tabs. If you need to know how to do this continue to read below.

Step 1: In your favorite browser go to Gmail and login with the account you want to configure.

Step 2: Click the Cog or Settings icon in the upper right side of the dashboard. This is where you also configure the layout and other theme options.

Step 3: Click the Configure Inbox option approximately halfway down the available option list.

NOTE: If you aren't able to see the cog or settings button, logout and then log back in.

Step 4: Google allows 5 tabs to be setup on the inbox dashboard by default. The popup will offer the ability to select the tabs you desire before selecting Save to move on.

Step 5: A new screen overlaying the page will appear and it will provide a little information about the new setup. Select the Okay button to continue to the email dashboard and see the new tabs.

This will help to keep your mail organized especially if you have a lot of email accounts forwarding to your Gmail.

Google Confirms Social Sharing as Quality Ranking Signals

Notes from John Mueller +Hangout July 5th

+John Meuller of Google says, "We need recommendations, shares for signals other than links for trusted ranking factors."
John said you need to make your content recommendable and provide users an easy way to +1, share and like your content. It's not +1's or likes that boost your rank, it is the "act of sharing" that boosts your ranking. That real life interaction that Google counts as a quality ranking signal. Make sure that it's easy to copy and past URL and that you use shortened, or bitly style url's, as well. Speculation is that Google is tracking through and aggregating through chrome which could include mining gmail for sharing links and mentions. More information is coming out about this. When you share content or a link to content make sure to bitly those links as well. Any manual links should be "rel=nofollow" as well.
In short "Remove all barriers to share", said John Mueller. Another bombshell "Yes social will help you rank, +1 likes and shares." also "You need a good profile, it's not a matter of buying links anymore. The algorithms are more advanced than that. You need interaction with users on social media. Google will be changing their guidelines soon because of this."
Give incentives to your visitors or ask to get a share, like or plus 1. Use a "call to action" to get shares and likes. Whereas you cannot ask for links, you could ask for shares so take advantage of that with a popup or some type of arrow pointing to it.
This is very important for ranking in 2013 and 2014. If you want to be successful in the future with your marketing endeavors, depend on your social profile on the big 4 (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) to be the difference in smashing your competitors.