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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Did John Mueller just say, "PageRank" is a "Weird" Metric?

If you missed today's Google Webmasters Central Office Hours Hangout today John Mueller confirms the death of PageRank as a metric.

At 54:00 into the hangout he looked happy to announce that links and "these types of metrics" shouldn't be used. He said you should be "Just based on links, it's a weird metric. Get conversions, interactions and make it usable and sharable."

We know that links as a "trust" factor has been diminishing and now in 2015 we will see the value of a link is the actual interaction it gains, and by "who" interacted with it.

- The Gobiya Marketing Team

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Final Phase Done and Launch of Nicole-Brown.Com Official Website

We are proud to announce the final stage is done for our latest client, Nicole-Brown.Com. After a wonderful journey of taking ideas and concepts and making them a reality for another small business makes this all worth it.

When we first started in July of 2014, we first migrated her blog over to a new sub-domain. We properly redirected all backlinks and pagerank to maintain search engine ranking of those pages.

We found that the previous SEO company that they used had put irrelevent backlinks from spammy blogs and directories. We removed and disavowed the links accordingly. After we removed the Google Penalty, we saw a spike in organic traffic.


  • Website Design Upgrade
  • SEO
  • Corporate Video
  • Logo Creation