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Monday, December 2, 2013

Everything About Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird

All about the new Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Google's new search algorithm sorts through all search queries and comes back with answers. The name is "Hummingbird" and what I can tell so far is below.

What is a search engine algorithm?

This is technical terminology for the way that Google can sort through billions of pages with other information to return the best possible answers based on those rules.

What is Hummingbird

Google says that it is a completely new algo written from scratch to return better search results to the searcher.

Is the "PageRank" algorithm dead?

It is not. From what I understand Google does look at PageRank but just not sure how much.

Conversational Search Algorithm

People are speaking searches with mobile technology that they are asking questions to get answers rather than typing in keywords and keyword phrases. Think of it as searching in a conversation.

Does Hummingbird Understand the Words

Yes and No. A new saying is "Things not Strings". Hummingbird is better at knowing what words mean and in what context they should be used.