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Sunday, September 29, 2013

How Will Google's Newest Algorithm Hummingbird Affect Content

Google announced officially that the newest algorithm to affect your website since 2010 was released last month. Though it may just be a new overhaul for search results but it's all part of an evolution that Google is has been taking to combat web spam.

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If you've seen there recent commercials you'll notice that they want to be the leader as the source for quality content and information on the web. Google has been taking bold moves in using intelligence you don't even know you need and being an important part of your life.

So, what does this mean for content marketers? You need these 3 things below for the new age of search marketing.

Content that Satisfies User Intent

Probably the most important part of the future of marketing. Satisfying the users search is what Google is moving towards. It's very hard to spam user intent. That's why social signals are getting more and more used by Google over linking.

So, when a user searches a query Google looks at if the user clicks from the SERPS to your site and tracks if the user clicks back to the results and to another webpage for information. Google wants the user to be satisfied that they found the content and were satisfied. Google is stating the importance of user intent over keyword based interpretations.

Content Needs to Be Rich

Content needs to be rich and engage with the user keeping them on your site longer. Google needs to see that the user found the most relevant and best content for the user query. Although Google looks at good content as a main ranking factor but you also need a well-designed site as well. So create the richest content and update the design of your site to stand out from your competition.

Authorship Does Matter

With content being the focus of the latest Hummingbird update content ownership or authorship will become more and more important for authors of rich media. Giving credit to the author through Google Authorship is the main goal. The effects of authorship are just starting to be realized and with more to come make sure you setup Google Authorship as part of your marketing campaigns for your company. So the it is clear that Google Plus will be a big part of website marketing in the future.

Photo Credit: NY Times